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Want to become a MasterMind??

Live A MasterMind LifeStyle!!!

Learn Top Secrets To Scale Up Your Skills On

Life, Leadership & Entrepreneurship!

World-class Digital Coaching Academy,

all about Life, Leadership & Entrepreneurship!

DLCA is committed to bring world-class knowledge and expertise for overall development and transformation of Individuals to be the best in their Life, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Journey. 

DLCA help people to unleash their unique potential by igniting their MasterMind nature to live a Purpose Driven Meaningful Life with Culture of Excellence! 

Be a part of this proud DLCA community today!

I'm on a mission of building One Million MasterMind Leaders and Life Coaches around the globe, living MasterMind LifeStyle of Success and Satisfaction through My Digital Life Coaching Academy!

Mathew Prasad, Founder - Digital Life Coaching Academy

Digital Life Coaching Academy will help you:

Become a MasterMind!

There is only One Life! 

Live a MasterMind lifeStyle!

Become an Influential Leader!

Coach Yourself!!

Influence Others!! 

And Impact the World!!!

Become a Remarkable Entrepreneur!

Chase your Dream & Passion; Accomplish your Visualisations into Reality!!



A 21 Days Life Changing Program!

Part A
Know Your Mind (7 Days)
Part B
Reprogram Your Mind (7 Days)
Part C
Empower Your Mind (7 Days)

About Mathew Prasad

I’m Mathew Prasad, a passionate LifeCoach Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer and Digital Media Strategist, who is on a mission of building One Million Mastermind Leaders and Successful life Coaches around the globe, living MasterMind LifeStyle of Success and Satisfaction through my Digital Life Coaching Academy!

I help people unleash their unique potential and bring out the diamond inside them. I believe this coaching can mould Great MasterMinds through a simple, successful and proven system of actions.

MasterMind Mastery Series


It's all about Your Mind and Success! Secrets for Your Greatness!!

Part B: Reprogram Your Mind


Simple, Proven & Successful Secrets to Reprogram & Renew Your Mind!

Part C: Empower Your Mind


Master Your MasterMind Mind-set!!